Jonathan Davis: Producer / co- Writer / Drums / live Percussion / Bass Guitar / Keys / Pre – audio Production.

Felipe Caicedo : All Electric Guitar.

Marcus Davis: Song Writer / Pianist / Synthesizers /Leady / Keys. Joshua Ponce: All Live Trumpet.

Jonathan Davis: Producer / Drums / Bass Guitar overdubs / Pre-audio Production /
Song writer.
Marcus Davis: Pianist / Synth /Leady / Keys.
John Troy: All Live Flute.
Bass Guitar: Eric Lampley (killer)

Jonathan Davis: Music Producer / Drums / Piccolo Bass /
Overdubb Keys / Pre-audio Production / Song writer.
Jarvis Brown: Pianist / Keys.
Charles Beach: Double Bass
Jordan Townsend: Tenor Saxophone.

Jonathan Davis: Music Producer / Drums / live Percussion / Bass Guitar /
Pre-audio Production / Song writer.

Kirk Green: Fretless Bass.
Joseph Scrutchins: 7-string Piccolo Bass.

Marcus Davis: Pianist / Synthesizer / Leady / Keys.
Jarvis Brown: (Drum solo section) pianist / Synth / Leady
Larry M. Wilson: Music Keyboard Instruments
Rick Benjamin: Sound Engineer

Jonathan Davis: Music Producer / Drums / live Percussion / Bass Guitar /
Overdubb Keys / Pre- audio Production / Song writer.
Bryant Lamar: Guitar solo & acoustic guitar
Felipe Caicedo: Acoustic guitar.
Jarvis Brown: Pianist / Keys.

Jonathan Davis: Music Producer / Drums & live Percussion /
Bass Guitar / Pre-audio Production / Overdub Keys / Song writer

(Manu J) Manuel Andrés Jáuregui: Piccolo Bass & and featured Bass solos.

Oneil Stennett: Electric Guitar
Gabriel Rios: Latin Pianist.
Conroy: Keyboards / Synth.

Jonathan Davis: Music Producer / Drums / live Percussion /
Bass Guitar / Keys / Pre-audio Production / Song writer.

Rick Benjamin: Piccolo Bass.
Marcus Davis: Pianist / Synth /Leady / Keys.

Jonathan Davis: Music Producer / Drums & live Percussion / Overdub Synth /
Bass Guitar / Pre-audio Production / Song writer.

Rick Benjamin: Piccolo Bass.
Jarvis Brown: Pianist / Synth / Keys.

Jonathan Davis: Music Producer / Drums / Synth / Bass Guitar /
Piccolo Bass / Pre-audio Production / Song writer.

Jason Whitmore: Tenor Sax.
Marcus Davis: Pianist / Leady / Keys.
Ihor Korzenko: Electric Guitar

Jonathan Davis: Music Producer / Drums /
Bass Guitar / Pre-audio Production /
Song writer.

Markeith Black: Electric Guitar
Ihor Korzenko: Electric Guitar

All Participating musicians in the recording: (Manu J) Manuel Andrés Jáuregui,
Jarvis Brown, Rick Benjamin, Jonathan J. Davis, Joseph Scrutchins (Smook),
Lamar Bryant, Marcus Davis, John Troy, (J Whit) Jason whitmore, Charles Beach,
Jordan Townsend, Ihor Korzenko, Larry M. Wilson , O’Neil Stennett, Conroy, Gabriel Rios,
Kirk Green, Felipe Caicedo,

Evan Lazarus: Pre-Production Sound engineer for drum set recording.
Eduardo Garcia: Final Audio Engineering / master Recording.

Rick Benjamin: Audio Mix & Mastering
Marcus Davis: Keys & Aux Synth
Larry Wilson: Keys & Aux Synth
Joseph Scrutchins: Solo Bass Feature
Kirk Green: Solo Bass Feature
Jonathan Davis: Producer, Drummer,
Percussion, Pre mixing


I would like to first thank Marcus Davis. He was the first person I contacted when it was time to start a fusion band. He replied, “let’s do it”. Thank you, Marcus, for believing in my music with all of the music sessions in the studio. You are truly an inspiration. I also would like to thank all of the musicians that recorded and interpreted the music the way I wrote the melody. This requires listening and humbleness. Thank you for going above and beyond what I thought the band sound could be. At first, the vision for the band instrumentation was for drums, bass, keys, and piccolo bass. In the end, the project bloomed into something so much bigger. I grew up playing with a Fender Precision 73’ in the house because of my dad. It was from the 73’ I wrote most of the songs on this album. Thank you, Joseph Davis Sr. I continued the legacy and Some Fun Music. Lastly, I would Like to thank all of the music venue owners on this planet that will open up the door for this band to perform in.”

Album Review

Album review–Charlette Clark 11/15/2021If I had to choose only one word to describe Jonathan Davis’s recent album Mela-D, that word would be “Unpredictable”. Unpredictable because it’s rare that an album written and produced by an accomplished drummer encompasses such rich melodies infused with light, thoughtful chord changes and beautiful vibrations. Unpredictable, because the offerings displayed on every masterful, high energy track leaves room for each musician’s instrument to be heard. The accompanying artists completely, unapologetically fill the spaces in between complex, yet perfectly placed, explosive drum solos. I’d describe the compositions as “Unanticipated”, because the album (which gives a healthy nod to traditional and contemporary jazz, rock and funk, electronica, Latin and West African rhythms) is full of variability without sounding impulsive or erratic. The musicians have done an exceptional job of giving each genre it’s proper due, along with abrupt (but well placed) tempo and key changes-all without changing the flow of the songs. Even the deliberate choice by the artist to incorporate high energy, positive, affirming tones as the common thread connecting each song from beginning to end on the recording was a refreshing change from the norm. The joyfulness of Mela-D practically sneaks up on you and settles deep in your soul. Then, before you know it, you’re joyful, too. This album, and the various collaborations that brought it to life, is a far cry from what you might expect from a young drummer on his sophomore album. His riveting command of the drums brings every solo to the edge of insanity, right before returning that raw energy back to the song in a controlled, skillful manner. This isn’t just series of songs designed to showcase drummer’s skills and percussion combinations. Hardly. It a complete composition of a work brought to life by several notable artists who assembled together to spread joy to the listener and it’s obvious that Jonathan Davis enjoyed sharing in the songs’ joy with his fellow musicians. The originality of the entire work is surprisingly contemporary while simultaneously it still pays homage the purity of jazz and to countless categories of music without disturbing the continuity of the flow. If I could only choose one word to describe the uplifting upswing of the keys, serene sounds of the flute (yes, flute), the urgency of the snares/bass, the compelling guitar rifts, the unmistakable sound of the saxophone and undeniable presence of the trumpet, again, I’d have to use the word “Unpredictable”. But thank goodness, I have the luxury of using more than word. May I implore you to indulge in the luxury of giving Mela-D more than one listen. It will take more than one pass to get everything that this album has to offer.

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