Private Lessons

Private Lessons involve the teacher and student studying the drums together with undivided attention to the student’s needs. JD is equipped with an in-home studio and camera for online lessons. We will focus on technique, the student reading the sheet music, and a particular style of music that is current for the student.

master class

Imagine a room setting where drummers come together to play their drums or practice pad at the same time. All drummers must bring their own instruments, music stand, area rug, sticks, practice pad, unless all supplies are provided. The preferred drum gear used in the master class is customized for every master class group. Considering the capability of the internet, a master class can also take place online from Jonathan’s home studio with everyone else in one other location.


It’s different from a concert and master class in many ways. The audience will experience the art of the musician up close and personal on a musical and verbal level in a clinic setting. The audience will bring no drums; just sit back and enjoy the show. Expect Band tracks and drum loops to be used during the performance and especially an open drum solo. The clinic will always involve Q & A segments relevant to his world travel & musical experiences. He looks forward to sharing his stories of the life journey through music and how being a global traveler affects his level of passion and drive to live life to the fullness. Most of all, it’s in the drum clinic he explains how he interpret rhythms in his own special way. Earplugs worn at this event maybe necessary.

Live Sessions

The widely used Term is “GiG”. As a Gigging Musician, Jonathan Davis would like to provide his tech ryder (drum Gear) complete with microphones if needed. Be prepared to send all info including Venue name, date, song list, load in time, etc. by email. For more information, book JD  today to secure the dates you need a drummer.

Studio Sessions

Get-top-quality studio records of JD for your next project. Be sure to include such specifics file format / Resolution / Sample Rate / File Type / Number of Takes etc.