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Master Drum Class -

Master Drum Class

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Drum Master drum classes - All drummers must bring their own instruments, music stand, area rug, sticks, practice pad, unless all supplies are provided. The preferred drum set is a 6-piece drum set with crash left, ride, Crash right & Hi Hats. Level 1 drummers can bring a 5-piece drum set. In the master class we will all play the same groove or fills at the same time, creating one big sound.

Some grooves and fills played will come directly from A Book written by JD along with other styles and relavent topics.

Drummer slots: The number of drummers in the class can range from 10 to 50 depending on the venue size. Reserve your spot in advance to ensure a spot in the front.

Here is an example of a daily schedule for drum master classes with JD:

- Click to view schedule

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